Sunday, 13 January 2013


I've been quiet lately, I know I have.  The final year of my course is speeding along and I have been trying to find a way of working that suits me.

Perhaps because my work is quiet in feel, I find I work better in my own space at home rather than in the noise and bustle of the university studios.  Plus each day I stay at home saves me 2 hours of travelling time and quite a lot of petrol money; yet I can't get over the silly feeling that somehow I am 'playing truant'.  Despite this feeling, since Christmas I have been strict with myself and have stopped dashing around, giving myself time to think about my work and where it is going.

a sneak peek

I have also been worrying that my work has been getting so restrained that it is barely there at all; this timely post from Fiona has really helped me to resolve that in my own mind.

So this week I shall be quietly arranging and rearranging my fragments of glass and hope soon to have some resolved pieces to show you.


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