Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shopping - just for me!

I first discovered Etsy and the whole business of buying (and selling) handmade online nearly 3 years ago now. Since then, I have done a fair amount of buying as well as selling and I though you might like to check out some of my favourite shops.

The first seller I am going to show you is RoseLullabyDolls.  I first came across her on Etsy but she has a shop on Folksy too.  Her shops are full of her handmade puppets, each with their own individual personality.  I fell in love with Alice - isn't she lovely?

I have a confession - I bought her as a gift for a friend but in the end I couldn't bear to part with her...

A shop where I could quite happily buy everything is HodgePodgeArts on Etsy.  If you belong to any sort of art or textile group there is almost always a moment when work is being shown and you think 'I wish I had made that' - I feel like that about this whole shop!  At Christmas I treated myself to set of ceramic hearts - I love them!

And last but not least is Beau Papier, a fabulous UK based vintage shop on Etsy.  I am not always a big fan of vintage (it's my age - what's vintage now is the stuff I didn't want when I was younger!) but I couldn't resist these buttons, complete with their own box (and I'm not old enough to remember when these were in everyday use!)

Look, there are even some teeny tiny dorset buttons - brilliant!

Of course, there are loads more great shops I haven't featured - if I have bought something from you but you're not here, don't worry, I have loved every single one of my purchases!


  1. lovely shops!
    i have some things coming from hodgepodgearts (little butteflies) and I love beaupapier!

  2. oooh I was just thinking they looked like dorsetbuttons :-)


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