Sunday, 3 October 2010

The course begins

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Well, I have survived Freshers Week relatively unscathed...
I was spared the sudden realisation that I really am 'quite old' that hit some of my fellow mature students - I went through that last year so I already know! I think the worst part of last year was finding my teenage years counted as Art History...

I was pleased to discover that there are quite a few mature students on my course this year and I am not the oldest (although I may well be the second oldest) which is a totally different situation from my foundation course last year.

We spent the week on form-filling and getting-to-know-you team-building type exercises - I have learned a few names, spent a fun day on the beach playing in the sand, discovered that Wrexham people are very friendly and that there are far more shopping centres around the place than I thought!

Lectures proper start on Monday, when the second and third year students also return.  I am looking forward to starting, but anxious to see what the parking will be like with so many more people - I think I may be getting up very early on Monday morning, just in case!


  1. Good luck. When I was a teacher, one of the topics was "50s/60s/ other words, my life. It's great being a part of the curriculum.


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