Monday, 14 November 2011

Red threads

Red thread on collagraphSometimes ideas take a long time to crystallize. I knew when I first starting making collagraph prints that I wanted to stitch into them, but the question was, how? I tried stitching into a couple but I wasn't particularly pleased with the results, so I left the idea for a while.

So I was leafing through my pile of test prints the other day mulling over a friend's suggestion that I should use them to make cards. They are really too big to use on a card as they are so I chose one and tore it into quarters.

And then... I thought, what these really need is a bit of red stitching. So out came the red thread, and then a collection of vintage shirt buttons, and this is what I ended up with.

I quite like them arranged together like this on a plain canvas.  I've realised that the reason the print fragments shouted 'red stitching' at me is that they really remind me of little map fragments and of course the red stitched lines are footpaths.  I'm not so sure about the why of the shirt buttons though, nice places to have lunch perhaps??

Anyway, after dithering for a while I decided to stick with my original idea and use the stitched fragments for cards.  I'll be listing them in my hypsela shop on Etsy starting later on today.

Red thread on collagraph cards


  1. Ooh, I looked at those and though "maps!!!"

    then read the text :-)

    they are lovely x

  2. Yes! I'm instantly drawn to these....

  3. I also shrieked maps - so we're all in the same map-book. I'd like the buttons to be pubs please ;-)

  4. Isn't it strange? The original print was ok, quite nice even, but not at all mappy... I shall have to try tearing up my art more often!

  5. They really do look like maps - lovely maps.

  6. It's funny, I'm working on something quite similar. I like these a lot. I really like the effect of cutting up a larger design, abstracting it into something else. Very effective.

  7. Thank you everyone :) These have sparked so many ideas, I'd like a spare month to try them all out please...

  8. Hi Helen, great minds think alike - I'm stitching into my collagraph prints too! Very satisfying. Your little maps are great x

  9. I like your creations a lot, they are interesting and beautiful. I like them arranged together on this plain canvas - fabulous, and on cards they look pretty too.

    Encado x


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