Friday, 22 June 2012

More Upcycling

Did I tell you about the gorgeous dark pink bag I got when I bought some large sheets of paper a while back?  Of course I made some eco daisies out of it straight away... I've sold a couple of sets of them lately so I thought I'd better set to and see how many daisies were left in the bag.

Blackcurrant Eco Daisies

This is the lot, sadly there is no bag left now.  Don't they look lovely all together?  Displayed here in one of my new upcycled bottle vases.

I particularly like the flowers made from the part of the bag which had gold writing; I'm going to list these 3 as a separate set later.

Blackcurrant & Gold Daisies

In the meantime I have one plain(ish) set still available.

I've also made a few larger daisies ready for the DeJunk-ReJunk exhibition.

Bigger Eco Daisies

They are rather fun, I may make some to list in my shop if I can only sort out a sensible box to ship them in!

This morning I packed an assortment of daisies up with all my new upcycled bottle vases and a few of my seashore art cards too, and delivered them for the DeJunk-ReJunk Exhibition.  I can't wait to see everyone's work all together, I think it's going to be a really good show (details on my Events page).


  1. I like the ones with a hint of gold best too, and your vases are just soooo clever.

  2. very pretty! love the bottle vases

  3. Lovely colours, the gold looks fab with the dark red. Very sweet vases too :-)

  4. These are so pretty! What a great idea


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