Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Catch up

Oh I have been away a long time...  lots to tell you, I'll probably forget most of it...

The De-Junk, Re-Junk exhibition was very well received with lots of lovely visitors who all seemed to enjoy themselves.  I sold some of my new upcycled bottle vases and some eco daisies too, and lots of my seashore art cards.  I was chuffed!  I have some bottle vases left over but some of them will probably be going out to a couple of lovely local shops, I'll let you know when it's confirmed.  I've made a couple of new ones and listed this one in my etsy shop, more to follow when I have more stock.

Straight after the exhibition finished we dashed away for a few days over in Scarborough.  We had glorious weather, in fact, it was really too hot, something I never thought I'd say about a holiday in Scarborough!

Now I need to get my head down and sort out my natural dyed fabric experiments which are going to be part of the annual TX creative textiles exhibition at Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham.
Just a few sneak peeks for you here...


  1. i've been messing around with rust print, its pretty fun :) how did you get that purpleish colour?

    1. The rust prints are the top middle (silk) and bottom right (cotton). With both of them I have soaked the bundles in green tea once there was a good amount of rust print on them; they change colour before your eyes, it's great fun!

    2. ah thank you, will have to try that :D


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