Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Flower Loom Kits

After receiving many requests, I've been selling kits to make flowers like mine for a while.  I had the looms made especially for me but my stock was beginning to run low and I wasn't sure I could get any more.

Up steps Mike from Wudwerx.  Mike usually makes great bee hotels like these

but he said he would have a go at making some flower looms for me.  And not very much later he had produced these, perfect!

ffflower looms 3

So now my flower loom kits are back in stock on Etsy and on Folksy and Mike assures me he will be happy to make more looms when I run out - thanks Mike!

The kits contain everything you need to make 3 ribbon flowers and make a great gift for someone crafty.  But be warned, flower making is addictive!


  1. awe - I still love your flowers :) the flower looms look like the pegs were made from bamboo :) yet the bee house looks like a much different kind of wood - its good to have hook ups :) this guy seems quite skilled ^-^ thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! The pegs are not bamboo, more solid than that. I was using one of the new looms last night to make up a big batch of brooches to go out to a local shop, they are a really nice size and weight, easy to use.

      So yes, Mike is very skilled! I'm lucky to have made the connection!


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