Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Did you see this?

I think I posted it on Facebook, maybe not here.  But this is what the bottom of our garden looked like a few weeks ago.  Very green, overgrown, and not much space for anything.  The poor old garden has been rather neglected while I was doing my degree (and, if I'm honest, for a while before that, I'm not much of a gardener at the best of times, and the summers have been so miserable for so long I rarely had any desire to go out there... )

Today we have this.

There is still more to do, the buddleia on the right needs to come out along with various other shrubs, and beyond that there is an apple tree that needs a serious haircut once we've picked the apples (a bumper crop again this year!).  Behind me is a pile of hedge trimmings that need to be carted to the tip, but believe me, it is less than a quarter the size of the pile that was there.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be space for a shed...


  1. oh well done - it's much too hot for gardening here!

    1. Thank you Heather :) I have to keep stopping because it's too hot here too!

  2. Well done, what a transformation!

    1. Thanks Su! Still a lot to do (it's a good thing you can't see behind me) but we're getting there...

  3. Replies
    1. Oh I hope so Su, I know what I'd like but whether it will be possible...


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