Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I'm feeling much better today, but other people aren't so I'm still at home.  Unlike the rest of the country we have only the merest sprinkling of snow (so far) but with our clear skies it is particularly chilly! Lovely sunshine and blue skies this morning made my favourite tree look really pretty - I love the combination of blue and gold.


  1. We have quite a bit of snow in my part of Kent, I've been out with my camera and got pleasantly wet :-)

  2. Lovely photo Helen. Just realised you sent me a facebook friend request and I denied it cos I didn't recognise you! So sorry. We are up to over a foot of snow here. Well and truly snowed in. It's all quite exciting for the first few days but I now have two very bored children on my hands....

  3. Lol the scary eye pic - I don't blame you! My boys would like more snow - school is still open ;-) Snowed in sounds exciting but I imagine the novelty would wear off pretty quickly...


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