Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Still Life in torn paper

Apologies for being a bit quiet lately... I am working on an essay so whenever I think I might write something I think it should be that!  Nearly done now though, I think...

This week at uni we have mainly been tearing pieces of paper into tiny pieces and sticking them to other bits of paper.  In the end I have quite enjoyed it in spite of the sore fingers - who knew tearing paper could get so painful?  The object of the exercise was to get us to take notice of colour values and I think it has been successful in that.

...and After

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  1. oh well done. It's something I just can't *see*, we walk in the countryside daily, I'm forever looking at the landscape and feeling frustrated - I recognise that I'm looking at loads of different shades of green (or whatever) but couldn't begin to say which area is darker/bluer/brighter


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