Sunday, 13 May 2012

Beach Treasure

I rarely come back from the beach with empty pockets, this time I brought back 2 mermaid's purses.

I try to avoid photographing anything in strong sunlight but this time it was perfect - it's hard to see where the squiggly bits (what are they??) end and the shadows begin.


  1. Lovely. I had a very similar experience photographing beach finds in my final year. Those shadows can be really useful, when you want them.

  2. I think they're to anchor the eggcase to rocks n suchlike. Wikipedia says so, therefore tis true. No?

    Lovely! and empty hopefully? Don't want an embryonic dogfish flopping around your house....

    1. Totally dried up so either empty or deceased ;-) Anyway I have passed them on to another student who was doing some designs based on mermaid's purses so any embryonic dogfish will be her problem!


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