Monday, 24 September 2012

A Day Out: Spurn Point

I had a lovely trip at the weekend; I managed to get to Spurn Point to see Alice Fox's Textures of Spurn exhibition.  It was a bit of a trek but so worth it!  Alice has been artist-in-residence on Spurn Point for the last 6 months and has created some beautiful work, do take a look at her blog to see some of the work and also the dates and venues for the exhibition tour, it's well worth a visit if you can.

Alice used the a room in the lighthouse as her studio during the residency, what a fantastically atmospheric studio it must have been.  The lighthouse is not normally open to the public so it was an extra treat to see her work displayed in there, I've never been in a real lighthouse before!  There were a lot of steps...

You can just see the back of one of her pieces here; there are much better pictures on her blog.  I was distracted by the spiral of the stairs and the ceiling.

As you can see the weather was absolutely glorious, so the point didn't quite have the atmosphere that I expected.  But I really shouldn't complain, it made for a lovely day out.  Of course I took loads of photos, here are just a few...

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  1. Wonderful photos Helen, and so glad you made it across from west to east! You made it on the best day weather-wise. Sunday was dry but really windy and pretty wild as a result x


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