Friday, 28 September 2012

From one estuary to another

You probably know how much I love living on the estuary (except when the wind is blowing sand in my face, of course!).

So it was really lovely to drive across country to visit an east coast estuary last weekend. Especially on such a glorious day.

We don't have exciting things like old lighthouses in our estuary, but then we do have islands you can walk out to when the tide is out. So I think we're all square...

West Kirby Beach


  1. Was going to ask the same thing? And make the point that walking out to islands when the tide is out can be somewhat dangerous on any beach located on the West Coast - particularly in your neck of the woods! It's treacherous down our way too (Bristol Channel area).

  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to be secretive! The old lighthouse is just off Spurn Point on the Humber Estuary. The island is Hilbre Island in the Dee Estuary. Perfectly safe to walk out to as long as you follow the recommended route and take note of the tide tables.

    1. That's the Dee river between North Wales and the Wirral, not the one in Scotland!!

    2. I thought it might have been Spurn point. I was there in April but didn't spot the lighthouse. I was more fascinated by all the eroding wooden things - like

    3. Sorry Jane, I only just found your comment languishing in the spam folder! The eroding wood was great, I loved the contrast between all that and the waves on the seaward side of the point and the calm and flat sandiness of the estuary side.


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