Monday, 15 July 2013


I've had a little run on my seashore art cards during this last week or so.  And the lovely thing is, I actually have time to make some more!  The process is a bit longwinded but I do enjoy it.  So on my table today are...

They're all a bit samey at the moment but that will soon change.

I've also had time to stock up on a few of my silk and wire hearts, now available here; the red ones have been out of stock for ages, but no more!  Here they are, hanging up to dry.


  1. Time to do some catching up? Whatever is that? Wish I'd got another 24 hours to each day, and maybe I'd get round to doing everything that needs doing - including the housework! Ugh, in the heat we're unexpectedly enjoying here in the UK, that's the last thing I want to do - much nicer crafting.

    Enjoy yourself - and good luck with the sales.


    1. There's never enough time to fit the housework in, what a shame that is! ;-)


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