Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I have come to the end...

... of my one year foundation diploma in art and design. Even though I am completely exhausted after the frantic trying-to-get-everything-done of the last few days I am sad to have finished it - it was a great experience. Most of the time!

For my final project I have been experimenting with making 'paper' from vegetables. This is surprisingly easy when you are making flat sheets of paper, but much more difficult if you try to mould them into other shapes - so what did I decide to do?

I will write about the process, but I hope you will forgive me if I put that off for another time and just show you some pictures of my little corner of our exhibition - finished with 15 minutes to spare!

vegetable paper forms

courgette - carrot - red cabbage

If anyone will be in Birkenhead at the end of June and would like to visit the exhibition, let me know and I will send you details.


  1. Such beautiful colours and so delicate - wonderful with the light shining through!

  2. Stunning and so creative - fantastic project.

  3. Thats beautiful. Well done on getting through the year. What are your plans next?

  4. Thank you! I have a place at uni starting September to do applied art - 3 years, full time, trying not to think about the fees...

  5. Those are fantastic Helen. Congratulations on your bit of the exhibition. Good luck with your next three years. I'm quite envious.

  6. stunning. you've really moved on!


Helen Smith, artist and maker in glass, print and stitch.


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