Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bits and pieces

I have felt a bit unfocussed the last few days...   not really able to settle to anything.  Still tired after the cold I had maybe - but really that was only a couple of days of sniffling, not much of a cold!  When I sat down to see what I had actually done there was more than I expected but I don't feel as if I have really settled to anything. So not much in the way of finished things.

I've made a couple of collagraph plates - I love the right hand one and really hope it prints well... maybe that is a job for this afternoon while I'm keeping out of the way of my son and his birthday guests.

I tried out the photo transfer technique in an ACEO size - I'm undecided about the result, I think I'll try a few more before I decide whether to list them.  I'm not sure it's clear enough in this size to get a sense of the scene... but maybe that's because I know what it really looks like.  Opinions gratefully received!

I added some bits to a few of these...

And I made some more of these

and started on my newly discovered stash of white bags too.

When you look at it like this it seems quite a lot, but it has all been fitted into the gaps between doing... what?  I'm not sure.


  1. Its amazing what you can get done even though you feel unfocused! I often find that when I'm working on various different 'bits' and don't feel I'm actually getting anywhere, but then look back and realise how much I have done.

  2. You've done a whole lot more than me. I'm finding the daily grind of having the house in tip-top condition (just in case the estate agent rings with a viewing) is really taking it out of me. I can't be bothered to start knitting in case I have to put it all away again...but I also can't live like this for (possibly) months and months!

    What have you done to the yellow flower? is the dotted green line part of the original bag, or have you stitched around it? Whichever, it's effective!

  3. I couldn't live tidy all the time either (or even at all really...) it would drive me mad! I am decluttering though which is probably what was eating up my time last week.

    The green bit is the writing on the bag - I don't really have any control on how writing and patterns on the bags come out on the flowers, sometimes it works well, sometimes not!

  4. the green works really well, must be a worry though until it's done!

  5. Sometimes I'll unwind and start from the other end so the bit I don't like ends up on the back of the flower, but it's only a piece of carrier bag when all's said and done!

  6. Uhooi,,
    Wow, I like the flower you made this very beautiful,,


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