Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Finishing things

After feeling that I hadn't achieved anything much last week I've been strict with myself and finished a whole load of bits. So I have a couple of these...

and a bunch of these...

These brooches aren't quite finished, they still need felt and pins on the back but they're all neat and have their embellishments on, so nearly there...

The colours in the blue one reminded me so much of my seashore art cards I just had to put a piece of seaglass on it.  All of these will be appearing in my Hypsela shop over the next few days.  

And I can settle down now to do some printmaking without any distractions. I bought a couple of pillow cases the other day and they were somewhat over packaged - each one was wrapped round 2 good size pieces of thick greyboard which will make excellent bases for some more printing plates.


  1. Helen I absolutely LOVE your work. The weaving colours are so gorgeous...

  2. *love* the noofings, H! x

  3. Lovely, lovely things. :)


Helen Smith, artist and maker in glass, print and stitch.


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