Thursday, 7 July 2011

A day out

Life has quietened down a bit now.  Just as well as I have a little bit of a cold (courtesy of youngest son I think - very generous of him!)

Yesterday I took my eldest out on an art 'field trip'; we went over to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the day.  The traffic wasn't too bad (of course going round Manchester could have been better) and considering the forecast we were so lucky with the weather - son remarked that he had never been there before when the weather was just right - in the past it has either been too hot to move or grey and a bit chilly.

We didn't time the trip quite right as the Longside Gallery and the smaller galleries were closed between exhibitions (we had originally wanted to go last week when they were still open but just couldn't fit it in).  But the main exhibition by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa was what we wanted to see and it certainly didn't disappoint!  I have a few photographs of the outside pieces which are imposing enough but my absolute favourite were the Alabaster Heads displayed in eerie darkness in the Underground Gallery - you will have to go and see those yourselves.  I thoroughly recommend a visit if you can make it!

You can get an idea of the size of this by the fact that that is ny 6'3" son standing inside...

We were so lucky with the weather - the sunshine threw beautiful shadows.  It did rain, but only while we were inside eating lunch!

The writing covering these figures spelled out composer's names.  We spent a while seeing how many we recognised...

Again I loved the shadows thrown by these pieces, and the way the lettering flowed out onto the slab to support the figure.

There is a Jaume Plensa head at Sutton Manor near St Helens, towering over the M62 - we often drive past it on the way to Ikea (and other places, but mainly Ikea!).  The trees grow around it in such a way that you only catch glimpses of it (especially if you are driving) and for a while I thought I was imagining it because nobody else seemed to have noticed it.  But it is definitely there - I think our next 'field trip' will be to go and see it up close.


  1. Fantastic- am most envious of your day out :)

  2. What an amazing place to visit xx

  3. wonderful! I particularly like the flowing letters - thanks for pointing them out!


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