Monday, 22 August 2011


The major clear out is still ongoing... this weekend we opened up some boxes of my husband's old clothes, much to my son's delight. Unfortunately he is nearly 3 inches taller and rather broader across the shoulders than his dad but he still managed to find some things to fit him and to satisfy his passion for vintage clothing.  It is a bit strange to think that stuff we remember wearing is now 'vintage' - I certainly don't feel that old!

I have been giving away armfuls of fabric but there are some pieces I have decided to sell - those university fees need to be paid somehow! I have listed my first couple of  pieces here, and I am going to work my way through the rest of this pile.

The top piece I think is a wax print, at any rate it is marked 'GUARANTEED ENGLISH WAX' in the selvedge; the next 3 are Liberty, 2 tana lawn and  one a heavier weight which I think was called country cotton - I don't think they make that any more.  Then a piece of vintage Laura Ashley furnishing cotton, some Rose & Hubble Christmas fabric, some blue gingham and a piece of brushed cotton in a rather jazzy design.  And when I've finished this pile, there is another... and I haven't even looked at the smaller pieces yet, there is definitely some more Liberty in there.

If anyone is interested in any of these and would like some reserved, just give me a shout!

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