Thursday, 18 August 2011

Playing with buttons

I've awarded myself a 'playday' today.  I feel like I deserve it!

Yesterday I was wading through yet more old stuff when I found some of these...  It's a bit of a monstrosity, isn't it?!!  They date from the time before I rediscovered my flower loom (a few years ago then!) when I was experimenting with making flowers using a rag-rugging technique.  I never really liked the result so they've been sitting in a box ever since.

Looking at them again, the one thing I did like was the way I'd added the pile of buttons in the centre, and I wondered how they would work on their own without the over-the-top bit around the edge.

So I started with the pile of buttons rescued from one of the weird flowery-buttony-things and started sewing them onto a scrap of linen, overlapping them to try and hide any gaps.

And this is the finished brooch... I added a little padding to give it a slight dome shape - it has a pleasingly 'substantial' feel.  I like it much better than the mad thing it was before!

I don't suppose this is a new idea, although it has only just occurred to me!  But it is one of those ideas that will always be your own as you start with your own selecton of buttons and your own idea of what looks good with what.  Some of my buttons are vintage, but some are just ordinary upcycled shirt buttons, but they are my own unique selection.  I think this brooch will go into my shop soon.  And I enjoyed making it so much I think I shall be making some more, after all, I have plenty of buttons!

Why don't you have a go?  I don't think the buttons need to be anything special, it is the number and arrangement of them which creates the effect.  Let me know if you do!

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