Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I had such a lovely surprise this morning... I was just wandering out to pick some grassy type weeds to press for my printing plates when I found a package in the porch.  I had to stop and think for a moment because there are times when I order stuff and then immediately forget all about it... which means a nice surprise when it arrives... but no, I definitely hadn't ordered anything.

This is what was inside the package... a lovely pile of what Caro of fabulous etsy supplies shop Overspill called 'junk'.  Some junk!  Lovely ribbons and embroidery threads and lengths of wool and mohair... all neatly wound into little balls.  If this were my 'junk' it would be a tangled mess!  I can definitely feel some weaving coming on.  I will be good and take (most of) the stash to share with the members of the textiles group I belong to.  (Well, some of it anyway...)  This is definitely the sort of recycling I like!

Also in the package were some of Caro's lovely handmade buttons - I am not sure if I can bring myself to share these!  Although there are a couple of people in the group whose work they would suit perfectly, so I might...  More gorgeous handmade buttons are available from Caro's Terracotta Toys etsy shop or on her own website - highly recommended!

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