Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Seashore Cards

I've finished this batch of cards and am slowly listing them in my hypsela shop on Etsy.  It's been quite a while since I made any of these - there is always a dilemma when you make something that proves popular, you can begin to feel a bit stale making the same/similar things over and over.  But I have enjoyed doing these and I think it shows - they have more life in them than the last batch I made (some time ago).  Perhaps I shall think about doing just a few ACEOs as well...

New cards New cards


  1. These are so unusual, don't forget the tutorial as it will prove to be very popular x

  2. I won't forget! It'll take me a few days to get it together though...

  3. They're lovely Helen. I know what you mean about making the same thing over and over, but they're not *exactly* the same, are they? And they're each a breath of fresh sea air.

  4. Always have loved these sea-inspired cards of yours!


Helen Smith, artist and maker in glass, print and stitch.


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