Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reworking ancient history

Having decided there was something not quite right about the old sample I found the other day, I couldn't resist trying to improve it.

I released it from its card backing and took off the strange not-quite-button things and replaced them with real buttons from my stash.

I think it's an improvement... I'm not sure what to do next though!

I don't think it wants to go back on the cardboard - I think it needs a jazzy border and more of a mini-quilt sort of feel.  So I've had a good dig around in my fabric stash (there really is a lot of it)...

I,m still not sure... something like this maybe... (although probably a bit more random, knowing me...)

Or perhaps something a bit more restful?

I shall think about it. Because of course, this is not what I should be doing... I did make this, inspired by all these rich colours... it will be up in the shops soon.


  1. Its satisfying to rework things at times, and to be quite brutal in hindesight with some of the parts one so lovingly created years ago.
    I remember your 'papers', I think I have cut the slices too thickly; not sure I will get round to doing it again. V.little moisture has come out of the cucumber.

  2. Next time I will follow your instuructions which I had forgotten and used some out of a book, no boiling involved.

  3. The only veggie paper I have done 'uncooked' is with very thin rhubarb which I literally hammered together with a mallet - maybe some hammering would get the moisture out of your cucumber? Would be interesting to try!


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