Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Test prints

Rest assured I am working on the second part of the textured paper tutorial - just need to organise a couple more photos...

In the meantime I will leave you with some images of collagraph test prints I made the other day...  I made a series of little ACEO sized experimental prints.

These are prints of a dried up weed from one of my garden tubs - quite pleased with these - I might do another with a more interesting background.  I have plenty of weeds!

These are a piece of birch bark I picked up on a walk the other day.

This one is scraps of lace and fabric - not so sure about it, but the black bit really looks like some weird sea creature, so that might be useful at some point.

And this one is one of the printing plates I cut up the other day - I think it looks better now!  I wasn't sure when I printed it but now I've come back to it I do like it.  I need to try it on some proper paper next.

That's all my printing... now I'd better go and sort those photos for the rest of the tutorial!


  1. I've never seen weeds put to such pretty effect before! Definitely a good excuse not to do any weeding :)

  2. LOL any excuse for not gardening!


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