Thursday, 9 June 2011

Work in progress

For the last couple of days I have mainly been making little textured backgrounds for some of my seashore art cards.  (Apart from a trip to London yesterday that is - the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern with my eldest - we had a lovely day but yes, my feet are quite tired now!)

The process is a lot of little steps with a fair bit of waiting for things to dry in between - I have been taking photographs all the way along so I can write a tutorial if anyone is interested?  But in the meantime, these are on my windowsill at the moment, drying out once again.

Just waiting for me to select the right piece of seaglass for each background.


  1. they look great, looking forward to seeing them finished :)

    Thanks for adding your images to my Craft Blog Flickr group!

    x Hilary

  2. These are beautiful! I'd love to see how they're done :-)

  3. Would love to see a TUT on these, they are fab! x

  4. Tutes are always appreciated ;-)

  5. I would love a tutorial on these - love the idea and think it is a great way to use seaglass, I have a collection of it which has just been sitting in a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe for ages! hope to try these out soon...

    1. Hi Catherine, It's nice to know my old posts are still being read! I did write a tutorial for these, it is in 2 parts here and here
      I hope you find them useful!

    2. Thanks that is great. I had to start a blog for college and am glad that some people still read the older posts - just wish more people commented haha.


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