Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The appliest Apple Cake

I have a glut of cooking apples. We went out and stripped our tree at the weekend before the gales arrived and this is the result. Actually there was a washing up bowl full as well but I have managed to empty that, giving some away, picking some out for storage and making stewed blackberry and apple.  Still got quite a long way to go though!

So this morning I made my favourite apple cake and thought I might share the recipe with you. You will need...

4oz softened butter    (sorry, I still work in pounds and ounces for cooking...)
4oz demerara sugar
1 egg
6oz wholemeal flour (plain)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
4oz sultanas
1lb (ish) cooking apples (weigh first, then peel, core and grate them)

Beat together the sugar, butter and egg. Sift in the flour, baking powder and cinnamon and beat until just combined.  If you mix too much you will end up with one big blob here so less is more! 

Then fold in the sultanas and grated apple.  The mixture still wants to form itself into a big blob at this stage so a sort of cutting action seems to work best.

Pile the mixture into a 2lb loaf tin and bake for about an hour at 160C-170C (I have a fan oven which runs super hot so I bake this at 140C, adjust to suit your oven).

And there you have it!  The texture is really moist and squdgy, almost like bread pudding, and the flavour is very very appley.  Best eaten when it has cooled, although it is hard to wait I know.  It goes beautifully with a nice piece of cheese, cheddar, or lancashire maybe...  And as cakes go, it's pretty healthy - I'm sure a slice (or two) would count towards one of your 5-a-day...


  1. I still work in pounds and ounces too :)
    I'm going to pass this recipe on to my mother inlaw she has bucket loads of apples too, she is running out of ideas on what to do with them.

    <3 Dotty

  2. I work in handfuls, a bit of's and abouts which means my recipes are a pain to pass on so I'm perfectly happy with your ounces as it's the only sensible way you can pass these things on.

    Do you freeze your apples? That's what we've been doing. They go a bit brown but taste exactly the same

  3. I've never tried freezing them as they are... that's an interesting thought! The trouble is almost one entire drawer of the freezer is full of frozen blackberries so I'm trying to work my way through that making blackberry and apple - that way i can freeze the blackberry and apple in the space where the blackberries used to be... it's a bit of a juggling act!

  4. oh thta sounds delicious. I didn't know that overmixing has the big blob effect, I'll try to restrain myself!


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