Monday, 12 September 2011

Blackcurrant Daisies

I went to buy some A1 sheets of paper from my local art shop the other week.  The weather wasn't very nice (no surprise there!) so the lovely lady found me a great big A1 bag to put my paper in.  I was incredibly restrained when I saw the bag and resisted the temptation to jump up and down, merely commenting that it was a nice colour...

Blackcurrant Eco Daisies

I have only used the top third of the bag for these. What's even better is when I get down to the middle of the bag the writing is in gold. I'm trying hard not to jump up and down even now, thinking about it... all this over a plastic bag?!!


  1. This is so funny! i can just imagine. The colour is gorgeous!

  2. Ooh - yes, the color is wonderful!

    (Are you hoping for more nasty weather and a need for A1 sheets??!!)

  3. Gorgeous colur - I can totally understand your excitement!


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