Saturday, 10 September 2011


The weather is getting me down.  It's cold and grey or, like today, it's warm and humid and still grey.  This time last year it was


And I'm sure the humidity is partly to blame for the fact that the paint on my bookcase still isn't properly dry.  I'm going to start priming the shelves for the second one today though and am hoping to persuade the eldest to saw the cutout bit to fit over the skirting tomorrow...  I'm happy to try most things but I'm not keen on too much sawing - a hangover from a nasty experience when I was a teenager I think!


  1. Oh I do hope it brightens up soon too - all this greyness is not good for the soul.

  2. you could get all zen about it and say 'i am not the weather'...sometimes it helps :)

  3. Just want it to have a good rain so we can all wake up a bit!


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