Friday, 2 September 2011

Folksy Friday

A few of the lovely things I have spotted on Folksy this week... hover over the image for more information; click to go direct to the Folksy listing.

Moaning Minnie Designs Birchcroft Ceramics RJF Turning SquarePear Furniture

Have you noticed how much I like handmade mugs? I have to stop myself from choosing 4 mugs every week...


  1. That mug is gorgeous though!

  2. Hello from your newest follower.
    Found out about your post from the Folksy forum.
    Love the jigsaw coasters :) What a fab idea.

    I too have a Folksy Friday post if you'd like to take a peek:

    Keep up the great blog!
    Lucy x

  3. The trivet is so cool!

  4. Hi from Folksy...great post, and lovely blog :-)


Helen Smith, artist and maker in glass, print and stitch.


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